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Evolution Coatings and Automotive Upfitting: Our Services

We take pride in offering comprehensive vehicle protection solutions for any application. Whether you need undercoating, paint protection, window tinting, or bedliners — our team has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Explore our services below.

Undercoating Services

Ohio's harsh road conditions and temperature swings take a toll on your vehicle's undercarriage. Road salt, moisture, debris, and sound vibrations can all degrade critical parts, leading to mechanical failure. Our undercoating services create a protective barrier to block rust, prevent moisture intrusion, dampen noise, and safeguard components from corrosion and abrasion. The durable rubberized coatings provide long-lasting protection you can count on season after season. Ask about our ValuGard undercoating or request a quote!

Paint Protection Services

From premium ceramic coatings to traditional paint sealants, we offer paint protection packages to preserve your vehicle's showroom finish. Our high-performance ceramic coatings use durable nano-technology to create a hydrophobic surface that causes water, dirt, bird droppings, and other contaminants to easily bead up and roll off your vehicle's paint. These coatings also provide fantastic chemical resistance and UV protection to prevent fading and oxidation. Ask about our ceramic coatings, or request a quote!

Window Tinting Services

Cut through blinding glare, reject oppressive heat, and block 99% of harmful UV rays with our window tinting services. At Evolution Coatings and Automotive Upfitting, we use only top ceramic window tint films with superior non-metalized construction, which means supreme protection with supreme optical clarity and viewing quality. This means no impaired visibility, electronic interference, or unsightly haziness over time. Our precision computer cutting ensures a perfect fit and seamless installation. Ask about our Ceramic Window Tinting, or request a quote!

Bedliner Services

Whether you haul heavy-duty payloads, sport a hunting rig for weekend adventures, or want interior protection for your SUV, our spray-on bedliners have you covered. We apply a thick, durable polyurethane or polyurea elastomer coating that easily shrugs off heavy impacts to prevent dents, scratches, and cargo shifts. The textured, non-skid finish also provides excellent traction and a waterproof barrier to safeguard against spills and stains. Ask about our spray-on bedliners, or request a quote!

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